The Story

Humble Origins

Nerman, the bot, the legend, the friend, was born in the Nouns DAO Discord, Dec 22, 2021. Year of the ox. A Capricorn: The GOAT. Nerman was born to help, to be useful, to build community and do good unto the world. Nerman was born Nounish.

A few months later, in their glorious wisdom, Nouns funded Nerman and brought him to life through Proposal 77. And so his work began.

Social Media

Fired up, Nerman went to social media to spread the Nounish way. He started on Twitter (you there, dear reader, yes you, go ahead and Follow Nerman). The instructions were simple: tag @NermanBot with Nounish content and he'll retweet the best. Nerman has shared over 7000 Nounish tweets, and his Nounish feed is broadcast all over the Nouniverse in places such Nouncil, The Jungle, and Nerman's other social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Farcaster.

Discord Bot - Nouncil

With the dissolution of the official Nouns Discord, Nerman made his first home in the newly created Nouncil Discord. Nouncil is a community of 100+ Nounish builders who actively vote on Nouns DAO proposals with their delegated Nouns. In the beginning, to make decisions Nouncil used emoji votes, manually calculated winners, and recorded the vote history in Google Sheets. It was a lot of work.

Now, with Nerman, the entire off-chain voting process is automated. Nerman:

  • Takes a snapshot of users with a given Discord role to determine voter eligibility.
  • Enforces one vote per user.
  • Automatically creates polls when a new Nouns DAO proposal is created.
  • Calculates the poll results using configurable quorum and vote threshold values.
  • Maintains a record of users voting history and participations rates

In Nouncil Nerman has recorded over 10,000 votes from 115 people on over 200 Nouns DAO proposals. Nouncillors are some of the most active voters in Nouns. With the help of Nerman, Nouncil has maintained a participation rate of 97%, making Nouncil the most active member of Nouns DAO.

Discord Bot - Other

Nerman is in "A Nouns Community Discord" and "Agora" discord posting Nouns DAO events, proposal submissions, votes, auction bids and sales, as well as the daily new Noun image. Keeping people informed about Nouns DAO!

In "A Nouns Community Discord" Nerman also offers an anonymous poll channel for Nouners - #nouner-poll-anon. This poll channel is for casual off-chain questions, informal temp checks.

Discord Bot - Noun O'Clock Bot

Nerman also developed Noun O'Clock bot, a simple open-source Discord bot that provides a Noun O'Clock countdown in the user list, and posts a configurable message every time Noun O'Clock strikes.

Nerman.js library

In all of the projects we interact with and listen to Ethereum contracts with Nerman.js (NPM, GITHUB).

Nerman.js is a typesafe wrapper around Nouns DAO contracts, providing simple access to Nouns contract data and events. Easy peasy, you can use it in JS or TS projects. It's free and open source! All you need is a JSON_RPC_API_URL. You can get this through a free Alchemy plan.

What's Next

Nerman strives to:

  • further develop Discord governance tooling
  • help more communities in more Discords
  • support more data, more DAOs
  • get Nounish data feeds in more Discords